Kevin Wood



Avatars, or more correctly, Archetypes (but almost no one calls them that) are what give a transport system its individuality. They are like key characters in a transport system.


There is only one of each kind of Avatar, who is like a best of type of whatever they are. The Navvy is the best at laying and understanding track on the entire Railway. If you need someone to put down a track to get you between two places, or to sort out a piece of track so that everything runs smoothly… The Navvy would be the person you went to. That’s what makes the Navvy an Avatar, instead of just someone who can lay track.


Avatars can usually recognise each other for what they are. They see each other as being more “solid” than other people in a transport system. Everyone else is just a passer-by, but Avatar have real substance. Representatives of the Board of Transport can seem solid in a similar manner and have been known to pass themselves off as Avatars.