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What is the Railway?
"A train set is like a model of a railway. In the same way, any time someone builds a railway, it's like a model of this Railway." - The Navvy
Any railway, anywhere, and in any time is like a reflection of the Railway. They all show some aspect of it, reflected in the trains, tracks, stations, and people that use it. The Railway is like a template that they are based upon.
Is it alive?
"In your brain, lots of little cells send messages around, and that's how we think. It's the same with the Railway. Except the trains and passengers are the messages, the tracks are the way the messages get around, and the stations and  depots are the cells." - Helen, daughter of the former Rail Baron
The Railways is definitely alive. It is aware of itself and what's going on, and it wants to grow. It thinks, but in a very different way to people. Sometimes, people try to     understand how it reasons, but because it is so unlike them, apart from its basic desires, at best they can guess.
Are there other transport systems?
"There's air travel, sea travel, space travel, any kind of transport system you care to name." - Helen, daughter of the former Rail Baron
Any form of transport that has ever been created, anything that moves people or goods from one place to another is a transport system. As soon as people first started walking from one place to the next, the first transport system came into being. So there's the Railway, Roads, Airships, Aeroplanes, Sea, Waterways… All are transport systems, all with their own personalities, rivalries and ambitions.


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