Kevin Wood

Monty and Florence


Monty and Florence are First Class Passenger Avatars on the Railway.


Monty is unusual as he was previously a Runaway on the Railway, the same Avatar that Mark became. He had stopped being the Railway’s Runaway when he realised that he no longer needed to run, and subsequently had a military career outside the Railway, ending up with the rank of major. He dresses very correctly, and carries a sword stick.


Florence is Monty’s wife, and sadly, according to Monty, is suffering the mental effects of old age.


While Monty was the Runaway, he noticed that one of the effects of being an Avatar is that you don’t appear to age. He hoped that by returning to the Railway as Avatars, he would be able to extend the time that they still had together. He carefully researched everything that characterised first class passengers so that they could become the next Avatars for that position in the Railway.


Mark isn’t sure that Monty has told him everything.