Kevin Wood
Diary of a Sociopathic Vicar

The Rev. David Wilson is a sociopath.

In some lines of work, such as being a politician, this can be considered an advantage. For a vicar - less so. In many ways he’d far rather not be a vicar, and there are certainly aspects of life that he would find easier if he didn’t believe. He is positive that life would be simpler, for one thing. But unfortunately for him, he does believe in God, and he believes that he has been called to the preisthood.

As the Rev. David Wilson considers himself to be rational, he can think of only one reason that God would call someone like him to be a vicar. That is so that one day he can become the Archbishop of Canterbury.

We meet him in the Parish of Sutley, his first parish as a vicar, where he handles the routime affairs of the Church with the level of competence that would reasonably be expected of a sociopath.

“Routine affairs of the Church” in this case means murders, arson, embezzlement, cults and flower ladies.

The “Diary of a Sociopathic Vicar” is published every Friday in the Yorkshire Times.

Many thanks are due to Richard Trinder for allowing me to use his wonderful drawings of the Sociopathic Vicar on my website.



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