Kevin Wood
Diary of a Sociopathic Vicar

Episode Guide

Episode 1 - We meet the Rev. David Wilson, and witness his handling of the  murder of the Church Warden - by the Flower Lady.


Episode 2 - The Rev. David Wilson becomes engaged, demonstrating that sociopaths do not need any of that swipe-left, swipe-right business to find their ideal partner.


Episode 3 - The Rev. David Wilson helps the local Hells Angels make funeral arrangements, although there is a slight disagreement regarding appropriate music.


Episode 4 - A suspiciously large gap in the church finances required that the Rev. David Wilson takes a novel approach.


Episode 5 - Following a funeral, the church of St. James, Sutley, inexplicbly burns down.


Episode 6 - Following the investigation of the burning of the church, the former Church Treasurer is found dead.


Episode 7 - Church services are moved to the local school followin the fire, and the Church Council elects an old lady to become the Parish Evangelism Officer.


Episode 8 - Rev. David Wilson receives an unwelcome visit from the Diocesan Finance Officer (their visits are always unwelcome), and hears a disturbing revelation.


Episode 9 - A shocking conspiracy is revealed, much to Rev. David Wilson’s irritation.


Episode 10 - The church prepares for a visit from the Rural Dean.


Episode 11 - The Rural Dean has Sunday dinner and dies.



Episode 12 - In which both Rev. David Wilson and DI Thorpe are confused by the Rural Dean’s trousers.

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