Kevin Wood
Diary of a Sociopathic Vicar

An episode of the Diary of a Sociopathic Vicar isn’t complete without one of Richard Trinder’s illustrations.

Rev. David Wilson meets his new housekeeper.

Rev. David Wilson’s fiancee

Rev. David Wilson counsels the bereaved

Struggling with the church finances

Rev. David Wilson is told his church is on fire

Porker talks to the Church Treasurer

DI Thorpe’s favourite biscuits

A meeting witrh the Diocesan Finance Officer

The Templars brought many scrolls back from the Holy Lands

The Rural Dean, Torbut Smythe

Porker helps Psycho eat his potatoes

Ms. Orslow denies Abdul the opportunity to wear a tea towel at the school nativity

The school Nativity play



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